Let's get down to business

How does ordering work?

Much Joy Bakehouse is a cottage food bakery and does not have a storefront, so orders outside of pop-ups can only be preordered. Preorders can be made through this website on the "Order here" page. All orders require at least 2 days' notice. There is also currently a minimum $30 purchase for preorders. During the checkout process, you will select a pickup date and pickup slot time. Each slot is 2 hours, so if you select "4:00pm," your slot will be 4-6pm. Be sure to follow instructions in the confirmation email for pickup. After checking out, you will receive one email receipt and a separate email with pickup instructions :)

Can I get just a donut or a slice of cake?

For online preorders, all items are currently sold by the dozen or in specific batches, and in whole cakes. Order minimums and quanities will change as the business continues to grow. For now, the perfect opportunity to try as many menu items as possible is to attend pop-ups! Pop-ups and events for the month will be announced via Instagram, the newsletter, and this website. There will be a set menu where folks can walk up and purchase to their heart's delight.

Where is your pickup location?

Your preorders can be picked up at the Much Joy Bakehouse kitchen, which is in a residential neighborhood in East Oakland near Millsmont (Thu-Sat 10a-6p). Your confirmation email will have instructions for pickup.

Is delivery available? 

Delivery is available for catering orders of $150 or more for a flat fee depending on the destination. Please reach out to hello@muchjoybakehouse.com if you would like to have your dessert catered and delivered for a special event (or a really good day). 

Do you ship? 

Not at the moment. For the time being, I encourage you to support bakeries local to your area! 

What is your refund policy? 

In the event that Much Joy Bakehouse is unable to fulfill your order, you will receive a full refund. For catering orders: if you cancel your order with at least a week's notice, you will be eligible for a refund of your payment after the deposit. Much Joy Bakehouse is not responsible for loss or damages to desserts after they have been delivered or picked up. Food orders are not eligible for refund, but if you have an issue with your order, please contact hello@muchjoybakehouse.com and we'll make things right! 

Do you have any gluten free, sugar free, or vegan options?

There are now vegan and gluten free options on the menu. Currently, common allergens are listed in the description of each item, and each item contains sugar.

Please keep in mind that although the ingredients of a product may be free of gluten, and that best practices are in place to prevent cross-contamination, everything is created in a facility that processes gluten. If you have a severe allergy or intolerance to gluten, it is not recommended to consume these products.

Cat... do you make "normal" cakes?

I do, and they're also very tasty! As I open my online store the priority was to display my signature cake flavors that are hard to find anywhere else - but soon there will be an option for my double chocolate velvet cake, classic birthday cake, and other comfort flavors that can really hit the spot. In the meantime, if you'd like to order any kind of fluffy and moist chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry cake, hit me up at hello@muchjoybakehouse.com and we'll make your cake dreams come true :3

How should I store my leftover treats?

Any leftovers of buttercream cakes should be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days. If it's hot, you can refrigerate the container and then let it rest at room temp for 20-30 min to soften the cake before eating. It's supposed to be soft and fluffy :) The buttercream cakes also freeze well in airtight containers and can last in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Malasadas and milk bread donuts are best enjoyed the day of pickup and it is not recommended to store leftovers as they lose freshness after the first day. The old fashioned cake donuts can be left at room temperature for another day in their boxes or in a container. It is not recommended to freeze any of the donuts.

Cookies, brownies, breads, and scones should also be stored in airtight containers at room temperature for up to 3-4 days. These items also freeze well in airtight containers and can last in the freezer for up to 2 months.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Do you take custom orders?

It is possible to adjust the size and quantity of the menu items to meet your catering and special occasion needs. More answers about custom orders are found below. In the meantime, feel free to inquire at hello@muchjoybakehouse.com.

Do you make cakes in various shapes (i.e. animals or buildings) or use fondant decorations?


Do you do gender reveal cakes, reinforce gender stereotypes, or force expectations of gender on babies?


Do you make cakes for dogs?

Yes ;) and biscuits too!

Are you currently catering for weddings?

Yes, please email hello@muchjoybakehouse.com for inquiries. Previous clients have enjoyed wedding pies, dessert bars, and having several single-tiered cakes to have multiple cake flavors to choose from on their special day.

Do you validate?

Yes. You are phenomenal. You look fantastic. Don't ever forget how amazing you are.