A letter from your baker

Dear cake + donut lovers,

Welcome to Much Joy Bakehouse - a cottage bakery based in Alameda County with a small and mighty mission to spread joy and build community through thoughtfully homemade treats.

My name is Cat and I am your baker. I’ve owned and operated a couple different home bakeries across the Bay Area. Most recently in 2020, I started MUCHJOY Bakehouse in San Jose, where I baked tons of layered buttercream cakes, fried a plethora of donuts, and ran fundraisers for several local nonprofits and grassroots orgs. Through some major life changes and unpredictable moves, I've closed and open shop a few times, always finding myself coming back to the call of creativity.

Fast forward to 2023 - with a heart of abundance, support from my community, and the desire to live creatively, I reopened my business as Much Joy Bakehouse in the East Bay.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to making treats for you soon! Stay tuned for future events, pop-ups, and fundraisers.

Wishing you much joy,

Cat Vo (she/they)